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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noble Fart?
Noble Fart is a free fart player for Google Android. Noble Fart is available for download in the Android Market. The program is spyware free, ad free and contains no viruses of any kind.

How much does Noble Fart cost?
Noble Fart is completely free.

How can I download Noble Fart?
You will need a Google Android compatible phone. The program is available under Applications/Entertainment in the Google "Market".

How is Noble Fart supported?
Noble Fart is supported through Age of Conquest our online multiplayer strategy game.

Link back to Noble Fart!
Feel free to link back to Noble Fart so your users are aware of this unique experience.

<a href="">Noble Fart<a>

Can I use Noble Fart for commercial projects?
Yes, you can use farts played through Noble Fart for commercial and non-commercial projects. Please credit/link back to us if you do so. We are always glad to hear back from you, so feel free "drop" us an email message! Thank you.

How were the farts created?
Repeated sessions in the bathroom spanning a period of several weeks.

Can I add my own farts?
No, the application does not support fart personalization as of yet.

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